Surfing with Bunulu | Video | Awesome Giveaway

A few weeks ago I got the invitation of the year, and I am super excited to finally share the details with you! A new store was opening at the St. Johns Town Center here in Jacksonville, and they wanted to celebrate with a few local bloggers and influencers. I was fortunate enough to be one of those!

This new store, my friends, is Bunulu (pronounced boo-new-lu).IMG_1961

The store:
I was actually pleasantly surprised when I walked through the doors of Bunulu. When I heard about it, I expected it to be your typical surf shop, complete with swim suits and board shorts, flip-flops, sunglasses and beach souvenirs. It is that, but a boutique version of it, if that makes sense. The store is full of designer clothing (very reasonably priced), some of which is beachy and some is just cute clothing that you could where pretty much anywhere. In case you’re wondering, I am obsessed with this Beaches Babes & Barefeet tee and those floral dresses. (P.s. Your chance to win some goodies from the store is below … keep reading!)

IMG_1968 IMG_1973

They have beautiful, good quality swim suits, workout apparel, shoes and sandals, sunglasses and accessories, a great selection of men’s clothing, and much more! Jimmy loves their watch collection.

IMG_1967 IMG_1972 IMG_1971 IMG_1970 IMG_1969 IMG_1960 IMG_1963 IMG_1962 IMG_1964 IMG_1966
The experience:
The blogger event was arranged to celebrate what Bunulu stands for, which is land, water and style. Land: a short yoga session on the beach. Water: paddle boarding in the ocean. Style: shopping and exploring the new store.

After browsing the store (and adding about 50 things to my wish list), we headed out and loaded onto a charter bus. Off to the beach we went! It was a crazy day in Jacksonville that October evening and the weather was freakishly chilly and windy, which caused choppy water and larger-than-expected waves. Which meant paddle boarding was a no-go. (P.s. I originally thought we were doing yoga on the paddle boards on the water. Boy was I in for a surprise!) Due to the weather conditions and an earlier sunset, we passed on yoga, paddle boarding was canceled, and full-on surfing was the name of the game. I have never surfed before, but I thought I’d at least be able to stand up on the board. WRONG! (It is nothing like wake boarding, FYI. That I can do.) We had a quick surfing lesson from the folks at Jax Surf and Paddle, then made our way to the white waters. After an exhausting, trying, but extremely fun hour, we headed back to the surf shop, loaded onto the bus, enjoyed a tasty boxed dinner from a local cafe, and passed out the moment we got home.

I filmed most of our experience and put together a short little video of our adventure, in case you want to see us in action! (Warning: you may get motion sick if you watch this on full screen. I think I need to invest in a stabilizer! Also, sorry for the graininess and bad videography/editing skills. GoPro + sunset/low light + zoom = crummy video quality.)

bunulu prizeIn addition to all of this awesomeness, Bunulu sent us home with a tote bag full of goodies, and because I love you so much, I’ve decided to give one of them away! Want to win it? CLICK THIS LINK and fill out the short form. I will select a winner at random on 11/30/15 and announce it here on the blog. (I will email the winner as well.)

*BONUS ENTRY* Leave a comment below telling me your favorite thing about Bunulu, this post, the video, or if you’ve visited a Bunulu store yet.

IMG_2679 IMG_2676 IMG_2671

Be sure to check out Bunulu, now open at the St. Johns Town Center!

Thank you Bunulu for hosting this event and including us, and thanks Jax Surf & Paddle for the lessons! It was an evening that will never be forgotten.




I’m done with this one-sided relationship

Hello, my loves! I was thinking about you and how much I like you. I like, really like you. Like, I think I actually love you. So I think it’s time we take this relationship to the next level. I mean, don’t you? We’ve been together for six years, we talk several times a week and you know all about me me. My problem, though, is that I don’t really know YOU. You hear all about my weekends, my trips, my celebrations, you know my husband, family and friends, heck, you’ve even been in my bedroom! But I can’t say the same things about you. Which is why I want to take this to third base and really get things moving.

Let’s make this a two-sided relationship. What d’ya say? Time to take things just beyond this blog and onto other outlets. I’m all over the place and I’m sure many of you are, too. So if you’re on any of these social media platforms, follow me and leave your username for each in the comments below so I can follow you, too! I know we’re already BFFs and all, but I feel like we still have so much to learn about one another.

FullSizeRender[6] Snapchat: BlakeleyA | Be a part of my daily life. Sometimes it’s exciting, sometimes it’s not. But my hubby usually does pretty entertaining things (like speaking in his own language or singing weirdo songs in the middle of the night), so you’re bound to at least crack a smile.
P.s. Did you know you could open up Snapchat and hold your camera over my ghost image above and it will automatically add me? Pretty nifty, huh?
Instagram: BlakeleyVinicky | I love snapping pictures and sharing all of my good finds and awesome times. I would love to see yours, too! Follow Me.

Periscope: BlakeleyVinicky | Live broadcasts of random things I do? Sure, why not. Let me know if you ever have any special requests!

Facebook: Sweet Tea & Skyscrapers | We all know what Facebook is. Like my Page so we can make it Facebook official!
Like Page.

YouTube: BlakeleyVinicky | Yeah yeah, I make videos on occasion these days. Beauty tutorials, Q&As with the hubby, vlogs of trips and experiences …
I’m not video producer or anything, but the content is usually a lot of fun to watch! Subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss new videos, and if you’re super into this relationship and want to prove your love, feel free to go through and ‘like’ all of the ones that I’ve posted thus far. No judgement here (and I’ll make sure you’re on Santa’s Nice List).

Here’s to a long future together and our fairytale happily ever after. See ya on the flip side! #BlakeleysBFF

Meal Prepping


My personal trainer has a new blog – follow it! I’ve been training with Brandi at Peak Physiques for a little over a year now, and she has truly been a lifesaver. She completely kicked my booty and changed so many of my bad habits last year when I was prepping for my wedding, and while I haven’t been quite as strict lately, she is still keeping me motivated and in check. One of the biggest keys to success is eating clean, and meal prepping is what can make or break that during the work week. In her first post, Brandi shared simple steps to getting started with your meal prep and being successful at it. Give her some love and follow her blog so you don’t miss her future health and fitness posts. And be sure to tell her I sent you!

Now if I could just shake this flu thing I have going on so I can have my energy, strength and appetite back …

Originally posted on Peakgirl:


Don’t let the word “chaos” scare you away! This is organized and will save you HOURS in the kitchen! Seriously! Here’s how it works…

Step 1 – Plan.  

Build your menu for the coming week. If you receive store mailers, coupons or that kind of thing, gather them together with your cookbooks/magazines, etc. and plan out what you’ll eat and when.

Step 2 – The Grocery List.

Make your grocery list. Go through each recipe and meal to log what you need to pick up. Cross check your list against store sales. Hint… shop seasonal! You’ll save a ton of money if you buy your fruits and veggies in season. What’s in season is what’s on sale. Double-check your pantry shelves, and fridge, for anything you might need. Write it all down.

Step 3 – Shop.

Shop. Get it done, head back home… but stop! Don’t put anything…

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Halloween 2015: Weekend Recap

halloween 1
Halloween this year was so much fun. I shared how much I love it in my last post, but now I think I know why: It’s a great excuse to be creative, wear crazy makeup and go all out, which is right up my alley. I also feel like more people got into it this year than in recent years past. Maybe it’s just because we threw a Halloween party and the only requirement was that everyone had to dress up, but whatevs.

Jimmy and I spend the last two weeks collecting Halloween decor and decorating the outside and inside of our house. Unfortunately we only had like six kids come to our door (sad face), but we had a pretty decent turnout for the party (happy face!). Like always, I made our costumes completely from scratch and loaded our faces with makeup and special effects. We have always been something cute, coupley or sexy, so this year we decided to go the “spooky” route: He was a zombie and I was a mummy. I saw this video from my favorite YouTube beauty guru which inspired my costume, and it was so much fun!  I’m not kidding you – we take costumes very seriously.

My girlfriend Sasha drove up from Orlando to stay with us for the weekend, so we kicked off the festivities by carving pumpkins Friday night. (Side note: This was her FIRST TIME carving a pumpkin … WHAT?!). We spent Saturday afternoon decorating, making food for the party and getting ready, then it was party time. Friends showed up around nine and it was party time excellent for the next five hours, strobe lights, fog machine and all. Oh, and the prize for Best Costume went to the boobs, obviously!

Sunday a few of us went to brunch out at the beach, stopped by our favorite beach bar for a cocktail, snagged our first Red Cup of the season, and headed home to watch Elf and relax on the couch. (Yes, we experienced Halloween and Christmas in the same weekend, and it was glorious. I’m SO happy to be done watching horror/scary movies!) It was such a fun weekend full of creativity, laughs, awesome people, and a ton of pictures. Instead of describing it all in detail, I’ll just let you look through some of the pictures yourself … they’ll do a better job recapping everything. Thanks for participating in my shenanigans yet again, friends!

IMG_1978 IMG_1979  IMG_1982 IMG_1981 IMG_1985 IMG_1284IMG_2184IMG_1987 IMG_1989 IMG_2016 IMG_2017 IMG_2018 IMG_1364IMG_2004 IMG_1485 IMG_1336  IMG_1311 IMG_2097 IMG_2093 - Version 2   IMG_2087  IMG_2063 IMG_2062 - Version 2IMG_1999  IMG_2021 IMG_2013 IMG_2035 IMG_2049 IMG_1358 IMG_1348  IMG_1355

Hope you had an awesome Halloween weekend, too!

Blakeleymummy copy

And if you’re still not over Halloween, I’ll leave you with this. Because we all know this is the best part about Halloween, anyway.

Last-Minute Halloween Makeup | Snow Queen/Ice Princess | Video Tutorial

ice queen thumbnail
THREE DAYS until Halloween!! I am super excited. I don’t know what it is about holidays, but I get so giddy and kid-in-a-candy-store pumped at the thought of them. I just love getting in the spirit, decorating, cooking for the theme, and of course, hosting a party to celebrate. Holidays were always a big deal in my family growing up, and Halloween was no different. My dad would decorate the yard top to bottom with spooky decor, and my mom would always make us one-of-a-kind costumes. I blame them for my holiday-to-the-max attitude (and am perfectly okay with it).

Needless to say, store-bought costumes aren’t really my thing. Thanks to my mom, I love putting together my own costume and Halloween looks with different articles of clothing, accessories, and of course, makeup. I really wanted to go all out and create a kick-ass costume and makeup tutorial for you this year, but time has gone by way too fast and now I’m out of it (so I’m saving what’s left for my own costume for this weekend. It should be pretty bomb.).

I was, however, able to whip up this quick last-minute costume/makeup look for anyone struggling with an idea or who needs inspiration. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do when I started so I kind of just went with the flow, which is why I’m all over the place in the tutorial, but hopefully it gets the point across well enough.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 4.46.19 PMSo, if you’re interested in learning how to recreate this frosty blue snow queen/ice princess look, check out my video tutorial! (And don’t judge me for the inner corner of my eyelashes coming off on my right eye. I guess I forgot to glue them all the way.) P.s. I can’t take myself seriously during the intro … I crack up every single time.

My goal was to use products that you most likely already have in your makeup collection, or items you could purchase for a low price at the drugstore. Everything I used is mentioned in the video’s description box.

Anywho .. I hope this helps at least one person out or give someone inspiration for a last-minute Halloween costume idea. It’s not the best tutorial in the world and I know it’s quick, but hey, it’s my first one!

IMG_0596snow queen

Surprise “Wife Trivia” with my Hubby | Video

So somehow I got the bright idea to catch my husband off guard on a Friday night, pump him full beer, sit him down in front of a video camera not knowing what was going on, and ask him a few questions about me. I know … this could have gone badly. But we’ve been together for over six years and married for almost a year … I hope he would know the basics. Ya feel me? Watch for yourself – he did pretty dang good! (Minus the fact that he thinks cheerleading isn’t a sport and didn’t know where I was born.)

There’s an even more entertaining (and slightly inappropriate) part two to this video where I asked Jimmy a bunch of random questions and he had to answer with the first thing that came to his mind. That part will come soon … stay tuned.

I’m loving filming and creating videos lately! It’s a fun way to capture events and activities, share them with you, and have them to always look back at. I’d love to hear if you have any video requests for me and/or Jimmy to tackle and share!

Until next time.

Xo, B

Its hard being a twentysomething


This post from my young, spirited and intelligent friend will make you happy-cry and make you think. It’s a fabulous post and I couldn’t agree with her more!

Originally posted on :

It’s 8 months to the day since I embarked on my new journey – moving away from my home state and leaving family, friends and my comfort zone behind.

New job. (Two) New apartments. New friends. New everything. But most of all, in the past eight months I have been faced with new trials and challenges that I never thought I would face.

From a broken heart to a rescinded job offer, I have been mentally & emotionally challenged more in 2015 than ever before in my life. However, I am confident that everything happens for a reason and know that the lessons I have learned along the way are shaping the person that I’m meant to be.

I thought I’d share some lessons I’ve learned along the way – as sad, hilarious and true they are.

  • Learn how to cook while you still live at home. It’s much harder…

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A Quick Update

Hi friends! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. Just wanted to share a quick update with you and say that I haven’t abandoned you or my blog! I’ve been going NON-STOP these past few weeks … weddings, showers, work meetings, my Etsy shop, life … and really haven’t had much time to write, snap pictures, or even think of complete sentences to share here. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me? Thankyousomuch.

The good news is that I have some super exciting new things coming your way, including video tutorials and vlogs, along with details on my ten-year high school reunion, recent weddings, Christmas decor and gift ideas and more!

Stay tuned … I promise it will be worth the wait :)



Shopping Secret: How To Make Money From Shopping Online

make moneyI’ve decided to let y’all in on a little secret. To some, this might not be new information, but to others, I am going to rock your world.
Did you know that you can actually MAKE money from shopping online? Or at least spend less because you’ll receive a portion of your spending back. I mean, if there’s a way for me to get what I need without having to drive to the store, find a parking spot, walk through the rain to get inside (because let’s fact it, it pretty much rains every day down here in Florida), search for what I need, stand in line to give the store my money, push a million confirmation buttons on the credit card machine, hike back to the car in the rain or 100-degree heat, dig my keys out of the bottom of my purse, and try not to hit a person or a car zooming through the parking lot as I back up, AND take advantage of coupon codes AND get money back, count. me. IN!

My friends, I proudly introduce to you … Ebates.

Ebates Coupons and Cash BackEbates is the leader of online cash back shopping which pays members cash back every time they shop online, as well as provides them with the best coupons and deals online. It’s pretty much an affiliate program with instant benefits. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Search for the store you’re looking for, or browse to scope out who’s offering the best incentives.
Step 2: Click on your desired shop, then click on the “Shop Now” button. Ebates will direct you to their website through a unique URL which is linked to your account.
Step 3: Shop online as you usually would, and checkout as normal.
Step 4: Soon after, you will receive an email from Ebates telling you how much you earned from your shopping spree.
Step 5: You can view your Pending Cash Back in your account, and Ebates will mail you a Big Fat Check with that total once a quarter!

There are no gimmicks, scams, tricks, catches … it’s seriously that easy! I’ve gotten two Big Fat Checks this year and am ready for my third. I currently have a little over $25 pending, but my co-worker has almost $300! (He bought a TV and a table. Apparently it really comes in handy buying those big-ticket items through Ebates!)

Ordering makeup? Sephora and Ulta offer cash back. Looking for new clothes? Nordstrom, Target, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s and hundreds of other brands offer cash back. Sending someone flowers? Make them even more amazing by earning cash back from 1-800-Flowers or From You Flowers.  Buying for baby? Carter’s, the Disney Store, Babies R Us, and Toys R Us offer cash back. Looking for new electronics? See how much cash back you can earn from Best Buy, Wal-Mart or HP. Shoot, even CostCo, Sam’s Club, Groupon and Living Social offer cash back.

I don’t do ANY online shopping without checking Ebates first to see if that store is offering cash back, even if it’s only 1%. Every cent adds up, people! (And I can’t lie … I do a little happy dance every time the store that I need something from is offering 10+% cash back, Hoorah!)

So all you fashionistas, beauty lovers, trend setters, techies, mommies, penny pinchers and shopaholics, go sign up now and start filling up your gas tank for free! Just click this little link right here, create an account, and click away.

P.s. They are also running a contest right now, awarding one person $50,000. Members receive one entry for each person that signs up through his/her referral link, so please, please, please sign up using my link so I have a shot at winning! These student loan bills are drowning me. If I win I promise to do some sort of cash giveaway on here :).

*This post was in no way sponsored or endorsed by Ebates. The links you see are affiliate links and I receive credit for each person who signs up using my referral links. All opinions are my own.
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

West Palm Beach Bachelorette Bash

IMG_1406 - Version 3
Where has time gone? I feel like we JUST got back from this trip! The weekend of September 18th, six of us Georgia girls road tripped down to West Palm Beach for my girl Heather‘s bachelorette celebration, and it ended up being one of my favorite weekends of the summer. Heather decided on West Palm Beach when we found out that Luke Bryan, who went to our college (Georgia Southern University) and played at our college bars before he ever made it big, was playing at the Cruzan Amphitheatre down there that Saturday. We locked in the date six months in advance and had been counting down since early spring. Heather’s sister had never thrown a bachelorette party (and didn’t know where to start) and her two lifelong BFFs were both expected to pop out a baby right around that weekend and wouldn’t be able to go, so they passed the torch to me and I had the privilege of coordinating the festivities. I secured a town home in the heart of downtown, and even scored six VIP tickets to the concert through work – we were good to go! Until we weren’t. The condo I rented ended up having to be sold, the concert tickets we received were for the Sunday show (which we couldn’t go to), and a tropical storm decided to come through that week … but everything ended up working out perfectly anyway. I somehow managed to snag one of the few two-bedroom suites at the Residence Inn by Marriott in City Place, which was beautiful and exactly what we needed. We got in super late on Thursday and called it a night so we could wake up early Friday and enjoy the day. (Because Friday was Tiffani’s 29th birthday, too – a double reason to celebrate!)

Heather Bachelorette Heather Bachelorette Details

Friday morning we kicked Heather, the bride, out of the room so we could decorate (we didn’t really kick her out – she had to go get her phone fixed anyway so it worked out). I brought lots of decorations and accessories, along with fun little goody bags for all of the girls, which we set up while she was out. We all headed to lunch at Mojito Latin Cuisine and Bar in City Place, then shopped around for a few hours. Once our wallets had all they could handle, back to the room we went to get ready for our first night out, and the girls opened their goodie bags (which had necessities for the weekend, including: pink sun glasses, flower headbands, flash tattoos, ponytail holders, Tylenol,  mini liquor bottles, koozies, glow sticks, “Heather’s Drinking Crew” tumblers, band aids, and group tank tops that I made). Each of us also made a few pages to combine into one scrapbook that we gave to Heather. It was so fun seeing everyone through the years and learning how we all met our bride-to-be. Oh!! And I brought Jess and Brandi’s head on a stick since they couldn’t be there in person. They had a real good time, got a nice suntan, and drank a little too much :).

Two-and-a-half hours later, we were all dressed in black, the bride in white, and we were ready to paint the town red. Out we went: Dinner at City Cellar Wine Bar & Grill, drinks and live music at Blue Martini, [shoe change! … time for flip-flops], then dancing until 3:30 a.m. at Pawn Shop. Night #1 = success!

IMG_1308 IMG_1326 IMG_1328 IMG_1329 IMG_1332 IMG_1336 IMG_1342IMG_1421IMG_5887IMG_5888  IMG_5892IMG_5895 IMG_1345 IMG_1346 IMG_1351 IMG_1354 IMG_1378 IMG_1384 IMG_1386IMG_6019IMG_5928 IMG_5964 IMG_5969 IMG_5955 IMG_5930 IMG_5929 IMG_5904  IMG_5911

Saturday morning was a little rough, but thank goodness for sunshine! We threw on those pink sunnies, spent the afternoon at the beautiful beach, and enjoyed a late ocean-side lunch. An hour by the hotel pool and a pit stop at Starbucks and the candy shop gave us fuel for the evening’s festivities: the Luke Bryan concert! Well, that was the plan at least. We still didn’t have tickets, but we planned to get ready and go try to buy them off a scalper at the venue. Unfortunately we took too long to get ready and by then the concert had already started, so we just went out rocking our cowboy boots and group tanks anyway. The night consisted of dinner (and bull riding) at E.R. Bradley’s Saloon, followed by an open bar at Pawn Shop, champagne and bottle service at The Loft, bar-hopping our way down Celmatis Street as we checked off items from the Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt, and dancing at Monarchy and Pawn Shop ’til our thighs burned. And then stayed up for another two hours wall twerking, playing on Periscope, and making Heather “nae nae” all by herself …. don’t ask!

IMG_1391 IMG_1392 - Version 2 IMG_1393 IMG_1394 IMG_1404 IMG_1405   IMG_1409IMG_5987 IMG_6001 IMG_6010 IMG_6011 IMG_6026 IMG_6028 IMG_6056 IMG_6067 IMG_6132bach scav huntIMG_6133   IMG_6137

Sunday morning came all too soon and it was time to pack up and head out. Pit stop at a nearby New York-style deli for an enormous sandwich and we hit the road. It was such a fun, drama-free weekend celebrating a beautiful and deserving bride-to-be with four other amazing ladies. (And clearly, there’s no shortage of pictures to relive it all.) I can’t wait until the wedding so we can continue our dance parties and reunite! Jessie, Danielle, Tiffani and Rachel, you girls are so much fun and I just love y’all! Heather, pretty sure you’re going to be the most beautiful bride in the world <3.

TWO MORE WEEKS! #HeathersLastFlingWBP #TolmieWedding2015

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